Welcome to RP Performance Racing, we are your source for Mazda Spec Miata racing support

For 20 years now, RP Performance has been the leader in Mazda racecar preparation in the Washington DC area. We have accumulated over 30 years of racing experience with winning results. Our team has won over 40 championships and has had over 300 wins during our never ending quest to be the best there is. We have the experience and the knowledge to fulfill all of your Mazda racecar needs. RP Performance has the distinction of servicing and repairing Mazdas on a daily basis. Others claim to be Spec Miata experts but no other team to date has produced the results that RP Performance has. In addition to Spec Miatas we also build and prepare ITA Miatas, Spec RX-7s, ITA RX-7s, ITS RX-7s and EP RX-7s. No one else in the DC region can offer you more.

RP Performance Racing

offers both race and street car services and is conveniently located in Gasoline Alley at Summit Point Raceway

  • Address:
    Gasoline Alley, Unit 12
    Summit Point, WV 25446
  • Email:
  • Phone:
    (304) 728-6749
  • Fax:
    (304) 728-6760

RP Team Blog

contains the news and information you need to follow the SCCA and NASA race seasons for SM, SSM and SRX7.