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RP History

2008 Season Review

2008 was a busy year for RP Performance. We took on the title sponsorship of the NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec Miata series. The father and son team of Brian and Devin Cates joined the RP Performance team and ran the NASA series as well as some SCCA races. With three cars the Cates had a great season with Brian winning the championship in the last race by a few points. Devin also had a good season with some top three finishes and a pole at VIR. Congratulations to these talented drivers. We are proud to have you on our team. Two months before the start of the 2008 season, RP Performance partnered with Performance Auto Works-builders of outstanding Spec Miata engines-to compete in the SCCA MARRS series. We started building a brand new car from scratch with less than 8 weeks to go before the 1st race. We needed a talented driver and enlisted none other than Ken Zalner to pilot this new car for team RP Performance/Performance Auto Works. Ken had a great season with 3 wins and 3 poles and went on to win the 2008 SCCA MARRS SM championship. Even an unfounded protest at the last race for mechanical infractions could not stop Ken Zalner and RP Performance. The car was, of course, found to be legal and the team celebrated a well earned win. For the 2008 ‘12 Hours at the Point’ enduro race we fielded 4 cars-2 in SSM and 2 in SM. We finished 1st in SSM for the 2nd year in a row giving RP Performance a class win in every 12 hour enduro for the last 5 years.

2007 Season Review

After 3 consecutive 12 hour enduro wins in SM, RP’s good fortune took a turn for the worse... While leading the SM pack with about 30 minutes to go in the race, our engine dropped a valve and we suffered catastrophic engine failure. Although these Miatas are brutally reliable machines, they are still machines and while failure is truly a rarity, they still succumb to the strenuous racing demands we ask of them race in and race out from time to time. Even with RP’s SM effort ending with mechanical trouble our RP Performance SSM car of Mark Lapos, Dave Wible and Chris Kellet carried the teams colors to victory with 1st place honors in class. Way to go guys! You are team players all the way and RP Performance looks forward to many more races and wins with such devoted sportsmen on our side.

2006 Season Review

RP Performance drivers Ken Zalner and Scott Brunk were unstoppable as teammates in SM as they crushed the competition in the entire North East division of SCCA National racing. From poles and track records to wins and podium finishes, their effort was full-on . Ken won the NE division national championship knocking off 3 wins along the way and also claiming Rookie of the Year honors during SM’s first year of eligibility in SCCA National competition. Scott brought it home in 2nd place in the points for a very impressive RP Performance 1, 2 finish. Scott also won two races and earned two new track records along the way. Their hard work and supreme driving skills never fail to impress us. Scott and Ken embody the spirit of team racing and we are proud to have them be part of the RP Performance family.

2005 Season Review

In 2005 Bret decided to convert his Spec Miata to compete in the Improved Touring A class. We wanted to show everyone that the Miata could be a contender in this class and compete with the Nissans, Hondas and VWs. Bret’s first outing proved that a Miata could hold it’s own in the ITA class. The first race was won by 24 seconds and the rest of the season would be just as successful with wins, poles and a track record. For the 2005 ‘12 Hours at the Point’, Bret, Brian and Ken teamed up once again to dominate in this tough enduro race. This year would turn out better than the 2004 race as they not only took the class win but also the index trophy for overall. Winning this event once is a big job but twice in a row is really something to be proud of.

2004 Season Review

In 2004, the first of many great 12 hour enduros was about to begin for RP Performance. With Bret, Brian and Ken behind the wheel of an RP SM, the team felt destined for victory. In a car with much less power and less fuel capacity than other classes, carefully timed pit stops and a stellar pit crew lead the team to a 1st in class win and a 3rd place overall finish. It was definitely a shining moment in the history of RP Performance.

2003 Season Review

In 2003 Ken Zalner and Bret de Pedro built 2 identical SM cars. While they both had a great year with 5 wins between both of them that was only enough points to finish 2nd and 3rd for the year. Great race teams always hope to win, but solid finishes and great team experiences are something to aspire to and 2003 was a success on both of those fronts. The team of Bret de Pedro, Brian Zalner and Ken Zalner had another strong finish for the 2003 ‘12 Hours at the Point’ taking second in class.

2002 Season Review

The 2002 season was the first year that Spec Miata was introduced to the DC region of SCCA. Bret built a car to compete in the 2002 season, won 5 races and went on to win the championship. The Spec Miata track record was also Bret's for the taking in 2002.

2001 Season Review

For 2001 Bret took the year off to concentrate on his customer base, only doing two races for fun and to keep his license current.

2000 Season Review

In 2000, Bret brought back the trusty championship winning car with some changes. The addition of a hyper-competitive E36 BMW to the class made it tough for any one to keep up. Bret ended up with a third in class finish but was no match for …???

1999 Season Review

This season Bret decided to build a brand new car for another class. He built an 1986 RX-7 for the Improved Touring S class, the fastest of the improved touring classes. The car was fast right out of the box and finished 2nd in the first race. The rest of the year the car was able to maintain top three finishes. Bret had four wins and a track record on his way to first place and the championship for 1999. To sweeten the deal the new car was on the over-all pole for the 1st ever ‘12 Hours at the Point’ and lead by 2 laps after 4 hours until the rear end broke. It was heartbreaking, but that’s what enduro racing is all about.

1998 Season Review

Coming soon…

1997 Season Review

In 1997 Bret approached the WDCR SCCA about starting a new class that was being run out west called Spec RX-7. This class was very low cost with bolt in roll cages, a spec suspension and spec tires with no engine modifications. The SCCA decided to take on the new class with Bret's help and so the Spec RX-7 class was born. With the addition of this new class Bret decide to run in both ITA and Spec RX-7 for the ‘97 season which would turn out to be a lot of work but well worth the effort. He ended up winning the SRX7 class championship taking many wins and the track record at Summit Point. The ITA campaign went almost as well for that same season. Bret took 2 wins in the RX-7 and finished 2nd in class for the year. To this day he still holds the only wins in a ITA RX-7 at Summit Point-at least since he started in 1995.

1996 Season Review

After a successful rookie year, Bret really looked to make a charge for a championship in his second season. He ran a good season and it was just enough for a second place in ITA for 1997. He consistently finished in the top five, but with no wins. Still, it was a great sophomore year.

1995 Season Review

In 1995, Bret's first year of racing, he competed in a 1979 RX-7 in the Improved Touing class A. His rookie year he consistently finished in the top ten and took 5th place at the end of the year.

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