MARRS6 at NJMP Lightning Highlights

July 20th, 2009
9:22 am

Team RP demonstrated skill of quickly learning new tracks by earning 4 wins and 3 poles in SM and SSM.  A full race report will follow shortly, but here is some NJMP and Lightning information to keep you occupied in the mean time.

The facilities overall were nice (especially because they were new) but there are a few key things lacking from the Lightning side of NJMP.  First off, there is no WiFi at Lightning which is why this information wasn’t coming to you real-time from the track.  The showers (all 3 of them) were located at the other track (Thunderbolt) which was a long drive away, that’s right… no way to even walk, you had to drive or find a ride.  There were very few places to actually watch the race due to the kart track(s) taking up much of the infield.  Since only golf karts (no ATVs, etc) were allowed outside of the paddock, this made finding a place to watch even more difficult.  Lastly, the long road from the gate was narrow and hard to navigate while hauling a long trailer, something that should have been considered when building a race track!?

Now, onto the track.  The turns are not yet named and even the numbers provided don’t seem to make any sense so I will narrate from the start finish and you can follow along with the track map.  This track is FAST but has plenty of run off room, although you launch a huge cloud of dust into the air every time it happens (and it happens a lot).  Turn 1 is faster than it looks, the exit is blind but there is a little more room than you first realize.  Turns 2 and 3 are a complex sequence that should be negotiated as a double apex to set you up for the left hand at turn 4.  Turn 5 crests over the hill, causing your car to get a little light, making for some exciting racing.  Now you go under the bridge and brake hard for the other left hand turn, Turn 6, which leads you onto the only named turn on the track: the Lightbulb, and then back onto the straight.

Come back later this week to read the full race reports for SM, SSM and SRX7 and see some videos posted from the event.

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