MARRS8 at NJMP preview

August 17th, 2009
4:28 pm

MARRS8 brings us back up to the brand new NJMP, this time at their primary track. Unlike Lightning, Thunderbolt has full facilities and was designed as a professional caliber course. The RP team will be heading up Thursday afternoon to claim our spot in the paddock. If you need directions, they are available on the NJMP website. Make sure to check them before you leave since the track’s address is not yet in most GPS or online map systems. You can use this link to open google maps to the address that is best for directions.

The track map is available on the NJMP website as well. The 2.25 mile track has 14 turns and a 1/2 mile straightway. A version of the track map with the turn by turn description formatted for printing is available from RP at this link.

If you want to read a turn-by-turn description of the track you can visit this site for a non-racer’s perspective on it or read a more detailed discussion at the same site. Lastly, watch some videos at a high quality video site like vimeo to get ready for your race. See you all there!

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