Mitch Reading

January 1st, 2009
5:48 pm

Coming from the world of Porsche Club DE and Club Racing; I had no idea what to expect with the SCCA and spec miata, other than the racing looked like a blast. I spent my first few events with some other DC area shops doing ‘arrive and drive’ rentals then supporting my own car, but struggled to find the attention to detail that I required. I knew the guys at RP Performance were consistently fielding the fastest mazdas in the area, but figured there was a distinct driver ‘pecking order’ as you unfortunately find with a lot of race shops.

About two years ago I needed an exhaust to run SSM, and Bret (Owner, RP Performance) lent me one of his. Well, that exhaust is still on my car going into my third year of SSM racing and Bret has never asked for a dime. From that point on, I have used RP Performance for all my miata service and support needs. Bret continues to show his commitment to his customers by further investment in his business, from taking additional shop space at Summit Point to being the first with a chassis dyno on site.

I have, and will continue to, refer all of my racing friends to the services of RP Performance.

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