MARRS 2010 Mid-Season Points Summary

August 10th, 2010
9:00 am

The points standings as of MARRS 6 shows RP Performances domination of 5 classes at this point in the season.

In the SM race Scott Brunk has 1,690 and Ken Zalner has 1,330 points, only Kevin Kopp is in striking distance with 1,455. In SSM, Scott Brunk has 1,700 points and a 450 point gap on 2nd place. Brian Price holds a 430 advantage in ITA with 1,900 total points for the season. Dave Ade has a similar 470 point lead with a total of 1,780 points in SRX7. Al Gervais in ITS has the largest gap on his competition with a 615 point spread at a 1,750 total points for the year.

You can always view the latest points results at the WDCR SCCA website here.

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