Washingt DC SCCA Drivers School March 19th, 2010 at Summit Point Raceway

SCCA Drivers School 2010

February 27th, 2010
1:31 am

The Washington DC region’s SCCA 2010 drivers school is quickly approaching. This year the spring school is a double event allowing you to obtain your race license in a single weekend (March 19th).

Do not under-estimate how busy you will be throughout the weekend! We can offer you full crew support along with lunch and drinks, all you need is your own car and gas. We can also put you in one of our rental Miatas so you have even less to worry about.

You may think about crewing for yourself, but it is not worth the risk… Missing just a single track session might cause you to fail your license as there is a miniminal amount of track time that is required. This year’s double event reduces the extra track time even further allowing for a tiny margin of error.

You have enough to worry about during your school, let us take care of your car and make sure you get all of your track time. Call us at (304) 728-6794 or send us an email rpperformance1@aol.com to get your race career started!

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