update on Fuel pressure regulators

March 3rd, 2011
9:53 pm

We now have 3 different Fuel Pressure regulator kits for the Spec Miata and ITA cars that are now ready to ship.  One will be a lower cost kit using rubber fuel injection hose and barb fittings.  The others will be fully assembled using braided line and AN style fittings. The 99 and up kits will come with AN style lines and a factory style connection. The AN braided kits come with a fuel test port and you can chose from black anodized or red and blue fittings and regulators. All kits come with a pressure gauge also and complete instructions.  We hope to have photos for the 99 and up kit in a few days so keep posted and check on our web site www.rpperformanceracing.com. These kits will be much nicer then others on the market and are legal. You cannot remove the stock regulator as per the rules. Please contact us for pricing and more info.

Bret de Pedro
RP Performance

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