Preseason Prep for 2015 at a $500 savings to celebrate 20 years

March 1st, 2015
9:50 am

To celebrate our 20th year we are offering and great deal on our full pre-season prep package for a limited time.   This $1400 value is now $895 and should not be passed up before the start of the season. This comprehensive prep is such a perfect way to start the 2015 race season with confidence that your car will be ready to hit the track.  This is such an involved service that we will need to make an appointment and it will take more than a day to complete.  Please contact us for more information or to book your service.  SSM cars will be $795 since the Dyno sealing will be done at another time.

The pre-season  prep package includes the following:

All engine, transmission and rear fluids and filer changed

Brake system flushed

Radiator flushed and filled with distilled water and coolant booster

All spark plugs replaced, wires checked

Compression and leak down test performed

New wiper blades installed

Battery serviced

Air Filter checked and cleaned

Full corner balance and alignment performed

3 Dyno pulls with A/F  Tuning extra

Full race prep performed

Tires checked for balance up to 8 total

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